42 Will Do

As I get older, birthdays become less of a spectacle and more like every other day. However, I try to fight that by embracing the day with some fun things that I enjoy but rarely get around to doing. (In all fairness, I sometimes spread the fun out a little because life is busy and I can’t just give myself a whole day of freedom.) I bought a game for myself (Carcassonne—thanks for introducing me to it Cathy), have been milking all those free birthday offers (Chick-fil-a frosted coffee has been the best one), will enjoy some meals and fun with family and friends, and I’ll write. Yes, I know, I write all the time for my job and various volunteer roles…but I mean write for me, for fun.

Since I’m turning 42 today, it only seems appropriate to embrace my geeky love of that number. Yes, I am officially the age of the “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything” so that must mean I have arrived at something meaningful. Of course, just like in the book, I’m no closer to understanding the Question.

42 is a great number but not because it’s 101010 in binary, and not because light hitting water at 42 degrees causes a rainbow (although that is pretty cool to know). It’s a great number because it’s where I am. I like what Douglas Adams said about the choice of the number 42—“42 will do.” I’m not jealous of the years gone by, nor am I rushing on to the next phase of life. I am content in where I am and will try to embrace each day that I’ve been given.

My sweet hubby commented today that I’ve been his “answer” for decades, and that’s incredibly touching. I try to be an answer (not “the” answer) for many people in many situations…often not knowing their question. If I’m a light in the world or a smile on a face for even just a fraction of the people I encounter, then that delights me more than I can express. God has blessed me with so much; it would be a waste to keep it all to myself.

To all those in my life, from those I see daily to those that I only talk to through social media, thanks for being a part of my life, on my birthday and otherwise. Here’s hoping I have at least another 42 with you!

Heather 1974i

I’ve come a long way!  🙂


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