Be Careful What You Say

Since starting this blog, I’ve really had to test my own strength…both emotionally and physically.  The irony of my blog title has not been lost on me, and makes me think about how you should be careful what you claim; you might just be tested on it.

I was in the middle of doing something that I do everyday–walking down the stairs from tucking in my youngest.  Somewhere near the top I misstepped and suddenly found myself halfway down the stairs, lying on my left leg (folded in half behind me) and with a lovely rug burn on my right arm.  Nothing seemed broken, as I could hobble down the rest of the stairs, but the following hours brought on some nasty pains and a trip to urgent care.  I’ll spare you the boring details (especially since I’m still in the midst of it all), but it certainly has been an enlightening experience.  
For a month now, I’ve been saying how much I’d like a break and a chance to just sit and work for a day–this wasn’t what I had in mind.  I was “tired” of running errands and having places to be–now I wish I could do more (without getting that ugly look from my hubby).  I even had found myself in a place where I was mentally grumbling about interrupting my work at night to tuck children in–now I miss going up and down those stairs a few times every night.  Funny how you get what you (think you) want only to find the complaints rolling off your tongue once you get there.  
As I was starting to heal enough to do a little more, I was probably poised to overdo it this weekend, so problem number two struck:  a sick child down with the flu.  Now, funny enough, I’m less concerned about myself and more concerned about my “baby” and praying that no one else gets sick (don’t give me too much kudos though, I’m also selfishly worried about getting sick too).  This all reminds me of the joke about giving God a good laugh by telling him your plans.  
So, as we roll into the week of Thanksgiving, I’m certainly not physically strong and I’m mentally spent with concerns over taking care of the family, doing up my hubby’s 40th birthday “right,” laundry, shopping, the looming medical bills, Thanksgiving excitement, Friday shopping, and decorating for Christmas (we won’t even talk about the cleaning that should be taking place).  In other words, I’m probably like most of you out there.  You may not have the same circumstances that I do, but my “old age” tells me that almost everyone has something looming over them at one time or another.

Thanks to my experiences and my neighbor (for sharing a similar sentiment on Facebook), I’ll fight the good fight to focus on all that I have to be thankful for and, most importantly, I’ll pray for everyone out there to fight through whatever illness, troubles, or sadness that plagues them.

Love you all & Happy Thanksgiving,



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